Calvin Slim-Fit Classic Trousers


Discover timeless elegance with our Calvin Slim-Fit Classic Trousers. Embrace smart-casual style with these meticulously crafted trousers that boast a mid-rise waist and an ankle-length cut.

Impeccably tailored with premium materials, these trousers boast thin fabric for enhanced breathability, ensuring utmost comfort throughout the day. The elasticated waist offers a comfortable stretch, providing an impeccable fit for every occasion.

Confidently embrace these versatile trousers, suitable for any event or gathering. Whether it's a business meeting or a night out, the Calvin Slim-Fit Classic Trousers will effortlessly elevate any look, leaving a lasting impression with their refined craftsmanship and attention to detail.



  • Style: Smart Casual
  • Material: Polyester
  • Waist: Mid
  • Features: Thin fabric, High breathability & Comfortable stretch
  • Length: Ankle-Length
  • Elasticated Waist
  • Fit Type: Regular