Rhino-Roar™ Nordic Modern Storage Bowl


Indulge in the allure of exquisite design with the Rhino-Roar™ Nordic Modern Storage Bowl.

Meticulously crafted from premium resin, this piece exudes understated grandeur, elevating any space it graces. Its unique rhinoceros statue design adds an artistic vibe, infusing the surroundings with a touch of sophistication.

This modern Nordic treasure offers more than just aesthetics; it serves as a versatile storage solution for keys, phones, pens, and jewelry.

Place it on any desk, at home, in the office, or in a café, transforming any environment into a curated haven.



  • Style: Modern Nordic
  • Material: Resin
  • Size: 10.4 x 7.1 x 8.7 in
  • Rhinoceros Statue
  • Unique shape more artistic vibe.
  • Storage for keys, phones, pens, and jewelry