VentuSwift™ AirFlow Headrest Fan


Experience the unrivaled comfort of the VentuSwift™ AirFlow Headrest Fan, a premium addition to any car accessory collection. Crafted from Vegan Leather, this sophisticated device elevates any driving experience with its exceptional functionality.

Effortlessly improving air circulation and ventilation, this fan ensures a refreshing ride every time. Designed to fit any car, installation is a breeze, seamlessly integrating with any headrest without causing discomfort when leaning back. Its lightweight and easy handling further enhance convenience, making it a must-have travel companion.

Powered by a Type C USB cable, the VentuSwift™ AirFlow Headrest Fan swiftly cools down the back seat, distributing cool air evenly across the entire seat. Embrace the persuasive charm of this headrest Fan and revel in the pleasure of a rejuvenating drive.



  • Item Type: Heating & Fans
  • Material: Vegan Leather
  • Improving car air circulation
  • Excellent car ventilation fan
  • Quickly cool down your back seat
  • Fit: Fits any car